The end MAY come…


May is the culmination of the school year and the state legislative session. In many ways, it is a time to celebrate the end of things. But it also marks the beginning of many people’s favorite time of year: summer!

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Legislative Advocacy in May

With legislative session wrapping up in Jefferson City in May, now is a great time to thank our legislators for their service and for accomplishments throughout the legislative session. It is another key step in continuing to build relationships with our legislators.

If you have summer programming, it can also be a great time to think about inviting legislators to your summer program, as they will spend most of their summer in the district connecting with constituents. Visit or to connect with your legislators this summer.

Though session is ending in Jefferson City, the next round of budgeting is kicking off in DC. Now is the time to let our Federal Senators and Representatives know that “Afterschool Works!” in Missouri for youth, family and communities. To take action and make your voice heard, take a few minutes and visit the action center here.

Local Advocacy in May

The end of the school year can be a great time to reflect on some of your best success stories from the previous year. As we continue to collect success stories, reach out to students, parents, and teachers to find out what some of their highlights of the year were.

Stories can be anecdotal, or if you work in a program and have data to share, you can share that as well. You can also upload pictures to share with your story.

Share your afterschool story here!

Activities for Youth and Parents

End of year events are a great way to engage youth and their parents by highlighting what the youth have been working on throughout the year in your program, and by having fun, family-oriented events to cap off the school year. Consider how your end of year events might engage parents with their youth, while showing off the great work you’ve been doing throughout the year.

Check out some of ideas for fun Family Nights here

Staying Connected via Social Media

As we continue our advocacy efforts, use the hashtag #AfterschoolWorks to share what is going on in your program and to show how afterschool is working for the youth and families in your community. Early next month, a team of Missourians will be meeting with our members of Congress in DC on June 7, and need your support from online (and by phone!) to let our representatives and senators know how important our programs are in Missouri.

Don’t forget to follow us @MO_Afterschool on Twitter and look for the Missouri AfterSchool Network on Facebook!


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